​​​High Society's core mission is to create successful events by honing in on the intricacies of an event to ensure that each task is executed flawlessly.  It's like small unique patches of a hand-made quilt all sewn together to create one beautiful masterpiece! 

LaToya Wilcox has over 14 years of experience in Meeting  & Event Planning.

She holds a degree in Business Administration and started her journey as a temp back in 2000 for one of the largest banks on Wall Street which later led to a full-time position within Investment Banking.  It only took a few years for LaToya to work her way up the ranks to becoming an Executive Administrative Assistant for a Senior Executive where regular tasks included; coordinating Off-Site Planning Sessions, Closing Dinners, Vendor Demo Sessions, along with Domestic and International traveling arrangements.  After demonstrating traits such as, strong  organizational and analytical  skills as well as great attention to detail;  LaToya was asked to take a role as a Business Analyst within the Operations Division.  Through hard work, dedication and a golden opportunity, she was promoted to Assistant Vice President after completing her first year in the role.  LaToya's new work-load consisted of managing multiple complex, long-standing projects within the Offshore Vendor and Technology space.  By being afforded this opportunity, this is where she began to learn the fundamentals of project management which she would later apply to her passion in the event planning industry.

LaToya started out planning social functions  as early as 1999 for family and friends which included; milestone birthday celebrations, bridal showers and weddings. After coordinating a successful birthday party for a family member in under 3 weeks, a mutual acquaintance suggested for her to continue using  her talents by hosting a weekly event at a NYC venue.  For several years after, LaToya produced countless successful events throughout  New York City.  She later decided to take a break from the social scene due to the pressures of a regular 9-5 and motherhood. Throughout that time, LaToya was still contacted by many for assistance with venue research, bookings and contract negotiations for various events. In 2013, she finally made the decision to pursue her passion and that's when " High Society Event Management" was born! LaToya has fused her corporate experience with her natural abilities to help clients create successful events through goal setting, project planning, and strategic marketing. Since the inception of High Society, its clientele has expanded to include: Not-for-Profit Organizations, Corporate Companies, Small Business Owners, Entertainment Celebrities and MORE!

LaToya is extremely passionate about managing the minor details and providing the highest quality of work.  Her motivation is in between her clients smiles and tears of joy, which is why she works effortlessly to ensure they are overly satisfied. Just remember, the work that is conducted behind the scenes is just as important as the event itself!