High Society is committed to providing premier event management services throughout New York City. We have successfully coordinated and managed a multitude of affairs from social gatherings to corporate functions and special events; Expos, Fashion Shows, Festivals, Networking Events, Milestone Celebrations, Celebrity Events and MORE! At High Society, we will assist with everything from developing a unique event concept with decor and design, to finding the perfect venue while also selecting the best vendors to ensure that all elements are aligned. In addition, we will also focus on the the logistical aspects of your event such as;  creating a budget and managing expenses to keep costs in line, contract negotiations to get you the best rates  possible, as well as marketing and promotions to increase leads, sales and headcount. High Society will be onsite the day of your event to oversee the entire affair, which will consist of managing the event project team, working closely with facility staff and managing suppliers.  This type of assistance will give you the chance to act as a host, so you can enjoy  and engage with your guests! Our job is to ensure that your event runs as smoothly as possible from conception to completion. You can count on High Society to save you time, money and stress! 

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